IADS Group

The passion of the IADS team is to provide each engineer with a world-class analysis tool for both the Real Time and Post Test environments. The team includes computer scientists, aerospace, instrumentation and testing engineers, along with training and support specialists. The combination of these inter-disciplinary skills and dedication of our team has carried the development of IADS from a concept to the control room standard for the United States and around the world. We hold ourselves to the highest level of excellence and take very seriously the use of our product in the testing environment.

IADS is an analysis and display software tool developed to address data delivery, display visualization and analysis needs faced by the test community. Major goals for the product were varied and complex, including the need to bring Post Test processing to the Real Time environment in order to reduce the number of missions and turn-around time. In response, the IADS development team and lead flight test engineers began the process of building a comprehensive tool to address these problems. The team analyzed current systems at the Air Force Flight Test Center (Edwards AFB) and other premier test facilities in order to gain a better understanding of user requirements. They soon realized that a new generation of test processing should include the ability to easily create displays, use advanced data analysis techniques and processing, and capture every-data-point from commercially available telemetry systems. IADS was required to accomplish all this on COTS hardware.

IADS is now considered the standard for flight test and is currently being used at many government and commercial test centers throughout the world.