IADS Product Line

The IADS product line is comprised of several software and optional hardware components that combine to make the product codes in our catalog. To help you determine which ones are right for your configuration, several typical options have been developed (See User Configurations for options) with the relevant product codes for each.

IADS Software Components

The IADS Client

  • This is the IADS display Client that contains the data displays, analysis routines and equation engine processing.
  • Product Code: CLIENT

The IADS Server

  • This is the data acquisition and archive server. It can process data from several sources including; third party front-ends, IADS supported DECOM cards, Chapter 10 UDP and our own Ethernet-based custom data source interface.
  • Product Codes: RTSERVER, RTSTATION

The IADS Post Test Server

  • The Post Test Server allows multiple display Clients to connect to a single data archive set over a network for IADS data playback. It also includes a single display Client
  •  Product Code: PTSTATION

The IADS Data Manager

  • The IADS Data Manager is a post test application that allows the user to access information in IADS configuration files and archived data.
  • Product Code: DATAMANAGER

 The IADS Video Server

  • This server archives and distributes video data using a third party video compression card to all IADS display Clients in a real-time environment.
  • Product Code: VIDSERVER

The IADS Operator Console

  • The Operator Console is useful for controlling medium to large control rooms with many IADS components running.
  • Product Code: RTOPS
IADS Hardware Products

The IADS Client Rackmount/Tower

  • This PC workstation is optimized for running the IADS Client software.

The IADS Client Laptop (Rugged)

  • This laptop is optimized for running the IADS Client software. Available in both a standard laptop or rugged form factor.
  • Product Code: CLIENT-LAPTOP(-RG)

The IADS Server Rack/Tower

  • This PC server is optimized for running the IADS Server software.
  • Product Code: SERVER-RACK/TOWER

The IADS Server Laptop(-RG)

  • This laptop is optimized for running the IADS Server software.
  • Product Code: SERVER-LAPTOP(-RG)


  • This PC workstation is optimized for archiving and playing back IADS data sets using the Post Test Data Server software.
  • Product Code: ARCHIVE-RACK/TOWER

The IADS Turn Key Decom Server

  • This system is optimized for processing multiple incoming PCM data streams and running the IADS Server software at the same time.
  • Product Code: GSTATION-LS68-M*