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User Guides:

  • IADS Installation and License Guide
  • IADS Programming Guide
  • IADS Training Syllabus
  • Real Time Station User Guide
  • Malibu Antenna Control Custom Derived Function
  • IADS Hardware Specification
  • Omega 3000 and CDS Setup User Guide
  • CDS Dev Kit Getting Started Guide
  • IADS FES (Automated Analysis) Quick Start Guide
  • IADS On-board Display System (Pilot Display Setup Guide)
  • IADS Helicopter Custom Derived Function
  • IADS UDP Custom Derived Function
  • IADS Coordinate Transformation Function
  • IADS 3D Model Display Requirement
  • IADS Terrain Installation User Guide
  • IADS Data Manager
  • IADS Analysis Verification Tools Installation Guide
  • IADS AeroFuncs
  • IADS TerrainFuncs Custom Derived Function
  • IADS Calibration Tool
  • All User Guides

For more information on the features and product specifications, contact Pat Mattingly, Director, IADS, Curtiss-Wright (661) 273-7003.