Training Calendar

Please Note changes below to Training Schedule due to COVID-19.

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Please note USAF training is reserved for Mondays.
Training will be conducted via Cisco WebEx until further notice. Students will receive an email prior to the Training with the relevant instructions and log in information.
Training materials can be picked-up at our Palmdale office during normal business hours: Monday – Friday, 7AM – 5PM.


Danielle Metzger
IADS Marketing Specialist
661-273-7003 x200

If you would like to have us host training at your location please contact:

Eileen Suszek
IADS Development Team
661-277-5438 Office

IADS Training information and Syllabus

IADS Training FAQ:

What class is right for me?

If you are an engineer the three day (IADS Basic, Intermediate & Advanced-Generic) is the class you want to sign up for.

If you are a structural engineer the three day (IADS Basic, Intermediate & Advanced-Structures) is the class you want to sign up for.

Instrumentation engineers, data management or post test data processing should sign up for the IADS Instrumentation, Data Management, Post Test Processing class.  This is a one day class.

You can sign up for the class by clicking on the calendar link above.

What do you train?
IADS Training information and Syllabus Training is held over three consecutive days or each Monday for Edwards AFB customers. If the training date falls on a federal holiday it is moved to the next available day.

How do I sign up for training?
Select a date on the above calendar to sign up for training. Each class will display the class description, the number of available slots and a sign-in at the bottom. If this is your first time logging-in select “Create a New User Account.”

Where is the training held?
If you are in the Antelope Valley or the local area, you can come to our training facility at 190 Sierra Court, STE A2, Palmdale, CA 93550. If you are not in the local area we provide on-site training. The Palmdale facility can accommodate 12 students.

What time does the class start?
Class starts at 8:30 each day.

Is there a calendar of the training dates you hold regularly?
Yes, see calendar above. If the training falls on a federal holiday, it will be moved to the next business day.

How do I get my class dates to show up on the IADS training calendar?
See the calendar above or Contact Eileen Suszek, IADS Training Lead,

Can I select more than one set of training dates if I am not able to commit to just one date?
Yes, We can hold open dates based on your needs. As the training dates get closer we will email you to decide on one set of dates.

How much does the training cost?
If you are located at Edwards AFB, there is no additional cost for the training, you must coordinate with your individual supervisor. Commercial customers and customers outside of the local area should contact Danielle Metzger, 661-273-7003, ex 200 and ask for a quote.

How many students can you accommodate?
The training facility located at 190 Sierra Court, STE A2, Palmdale, CA 93550 can hold up to 12 students.
Training done at your facility is quoted at 10 students, any students above 10 will incur additional cost for the training materials. Training at your facility is limited to 15 students per class, each student will need their own computer to attend the class.

Why is the training spread out over three weeks?
To accommodate flight schedules the training is held on Mondays, if you cannot attend the Intermediate or Advanced training you can attend it the next month.

If I work at Edwards AFB, is there paperwork that needs to be done?
No, Curtiss Wright. does not require any paperwork in order to attend training. Sign up for training by selecting a scheduled class above and complete the accompanying form.

Should I email you if I cannot attend the class?
No, it is not necessary to email me if you do not plan on attending, have a scheduling conflicts or you fall ill on the day of training. You will need to review the calendar above to reschedule.

If I miss a training class should I just show up next month?
No, do not assume that there is an extra seat for you in the class. You will need to review the calendar above to reschedule.